Chinese style ribs that will bring your guests back for seconds and thirds

Black bean soup is the perfect food for a cold day.

Technically it's pork belly because it hasn't been cured in salt but you'll still be reaching for a second helping of this crispy treat.

Porterhouse, the most decadent cut of meat, is the perfect marriage between the tenderloin and New York strip in a single cut of meat, separated by the iconic T-bone. It's best served rare to medium rare with a good salt and pepper crust. Here's a fool proof recipe to make a memorable dinner.

Seared scallops with capers, browned butter is a phenomenal restaurant quality dish best served with fresh bread for dipping in the sauce.

Quick reproduction of the Weber grills recipe for grilling bone-in rib roast.

Lobster is expensive so when you buy it, you want to cook it right. Here's my take on the perfectly cooked lobster tail.

This is an incredible, decadent, deep dish apple pie. You don't know it yet but this is your favorite desert.

This simple and very tasty potatoes au gratin recipe will have your dinner guests taking a second look at cheese and potatos.

Leftover mashed potatoes are likely the most thrown away food but with a little imagination they can take your breath away.

It's pricey, you won't buy it often but when you do, it has to be right.

A Puerto Rican holiday drink that will have you coming back for seconds ... and thirds.