Easy chinese style pork ribs


Grill or smoker
carving knife
Paper towel
pastry brush


rack of St Louis style ribs
chinese 5 spice powder
hoisin sauce

Cooking notes:

cut beneath the skin on the back of the ribs with the carving knife
Use the paper towel to grip the skin and gently peel if off and discard
Cook for at least 2 1/2 hours, paint with hoisin using the pastry brush
Return to cooker for about 30 minutes and serve.
Note that different cookers will take different amounts of time. Your milage will vary.

I was in a hurry so rather than prepare my favorite rib recepe on amazingribs.com I took a shortcut: I rubbed the ribs down with a good amount of chinese 5 spice powder and hung them in my pit barrel cooker for 2 1/2 hours. I took them out, painted them with hoisin sauce (easily found in the asian food section of your local supermarket) and hung them back in the pit barrel cooker for another 30 minutes.

I was amazed at the way this simple recipe turned out and my (usually) vegan son broke his diet because it smelled that good. In true vegan style he told me that he'd eat those ribs once a month if I cook them. Even my wife, usually luke warm over ribs, had a second helping.