Grilled standing rib roast, always a treat


Cutting board, sharp knife, grill and aluminum pan to catch drippings, grill


Salt, pepper, basil, bone-in roast beef


Frequent monitoring of internal temperature is a must when grilling large cuts of meat that you intend to cook rare or medium. An instant read thermometer is a boon and a bluetooth broadcasting temperature probe is even better. See our "gear up your grilling game" page for suggestions.

Rib roasts are among the most suculent cuts of meat - There isn't a lot that needs to be done, a little salt, pepper and basil and you're done: cook at 350-400 until it hits your preferred internal temperature:

120-130 -- rare
130 -- 140 medium rare
140 -- 150 medium well
150 -- 165 well done (not recommended)

I strongly recommend against cooking roast beef until it's 'well done'. Every cut of meat is different and should be cooked accordingly. Roast beef is inherently tender and gets progressively tougher as it’s cooked. Brisket, in contrast, is inherently tough and gets progressively tenderer as it’s cooked.