leftover mashed potatos

potato cake with beef tenderloin in the background

Skillet, spatula, mixing bowl


leftover potatos
1 egg per cup of mashed potatos


A good crust takes time to form, be patient and keep potato cakes limited to the size of your spatula

Mashed potatos are seldom  as good left over as they were the day of your feast. But with a little bit of love and a frying pan, you can transform that container of smashed root vegetables into an attention getting  crunchy side.

The one thing many of those 'other' cooking blogs don't tell you is that this dish takes a bit more cooking time. The trick is to develop a crust strong enough to not break when it's flipped. To do this successfully, make your pancakes no larger than your spatuala and allow an additional cook time of 10 minutes. This crust is worth the wait.